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Foot Care Articles

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Going Barefoot All Day at Home Is Risky, According to Podiatrists
While this new relaxed wardrobe has its comfort benefits, going barefoot or simply wearing socks may come with some health and wellness issues, according to podiatrists. [Read more]

Fall Foot Care Tips
This time of year leaves fall, temperatures get cooler, and we all pick those sweaters and boots out from the back of the closet. Courtesy of Custom Foot Clinic[Read more]

Summer Foot Care Tips
The winter is forgotten and now we’re being rewarded by long, hot and humid summer days. Courtesy of Custom Foot Clinic  [Read more]

Spring Foot Care Tips
All winter long we hide our feet inside shoes, boots and socks. But now spring has arrived. Courtesy of Custom Foot Clinic [Read more]

Winter Foot Care Tips
Winter in Canada is cold, snowy and icy! It is important to take certain precautions to ensure that your feet stay warm and dry. Courtesy of Custom Foot Clinic [Read more]

Tips for Choosing High Heels
High heels, especially stilettos, are a killer for your feet. But let’s face it, they are not only a staple of high fashion but also make your legs look great! Courtesy of Custom Foot Clinic [Read more]

How To Buy The Right Running Shoes

Ever walked into a running store? It can be like going into a whole new world. Many people pick their running shoes based on colour, price and what looks good, or what they hear is good but this not likely the best way to go. Courtesy of Custom Foot Clinic [Read more]

How to Buy Shoes That are Good for Your Feet

How do I know if a shoe fits? What type of shoe do I buy for work? What type of shoes will help me with my running? What kind of shoe is best for me? Courtesy of Custom Foot Clinic [Read more]

Stem Cell Injections May Help Heal Diabetic Foot Ulcers
An on-going clinical research trial using adult stem cells may help to improve blood flow and heal chronic sores for millions of people with diabetes who develop peripheral arterial disease (PAD) and critical limb ischemia (CLI). [Read more]

Symptomless Foot Most Likely to be Problematic
Peripheral neuropathy, which affects the feet, legs, and, less commonly, the hands, is dangerous because its symptoms can be so subtle. In fact, the "symptomless" foot is most likely to have a problem. "Pain is what takes most people to the doctor's office," says John B. Perry, D.P.M., a podiatrist in Portland, ME, who specializes in diabetic foot care. "If it doesn't hurt, you don't come in. [Read more]

Back to School
In the next week or two schools begin for cottage and university students. Students should ensure that they do everything they can to prevent contacting a fungal infection or wart virus. Both warts and fungus are easily transmitted in warm moist environments such as shared bathrooms and commercial showers at health clubs. [Read more]

Painful Feet are Never the Norm
"Painful, achy feet should never be the norm," says Keith Rosenthal, D.P.M., a podiatrist on staff at Kimball Medical Center in Lakewood. "When patients experience foot pain that impacts their mobility or quality of life, it's an indicator that something is wrong and needs to be addressed, and the sooner the better," he adds. [Read more]

Your Feet Are For Living
CFPM Tips to Keep them Healthy for Life: Don’t ignore foot pain – it’s not normal. Inspect your feet regularly. Look for changes in color, temperature, cracks or growths. [Read more]

Re-Heeling Shoes Helps Walking
Your worn-out shoes can affect your health from the soles of your feet up, says Phoenix podiatrist Arlene Polakof, medical director of specialty care for CIGNA Medical Group. "If the heels or soles are worn out, there's a shift in how you walk," she says. [Read more]

Tips for Recovering Feet for Spring
Cold weather does not merely dry out hands, hair and lips – it also dries out feet. Though they are not often exposed, thick socks and boots can cause drying, itching and rough heels and toes, issues that take time and effort to correct. [Read more]

Barefoot Airport Security Checks Pose Risks
Barefoot stuff is a health hazard. We went to one of the busiest airports in the country, Dallas-Fort Worth, to find out. Even a doctor doesn't mince words. "It's disgusting," said podiatrist doctor Dana Giacalone. [Read more]

Natural Materials Best For Winter Boots
"During the winter months, the feet tend to sweat more because shoes are enclosed with thick socks or hosiery," said American Podiatric Medical Association podiatrist Marlene Reid. [Read more]

Obesity Acclerates Effects of Aging on Feet
Heavier people amplify the hobbling effects of age by putting more pressure and stress on each foot with every step. "Obesity causes the same issues as aging, only accelerated," Dr. John Mozena said. [Read more]

Foot Pain Can Warn of Major Problem
Contrary to what many of us think, our feet shouldn't hurt. If they do, they're probably trying to tell us something. Perry Julien, a Georgia podiatrist who specializes in sports-related injuries, says foot pain can sometimes even warn us of a more major problem. [Read more]

Orthotics Can Benefit Golfers
While golf is not considered a rigorous sport, the physical act of repeatedly swinging a golf club in practice and on the course can cause problems for our feet. Orthotics can easily be made for golf shoes. [Read more]

Dry, Cracked and Callused Feet? The CFPM can help.
Do you suffer from dry, cracked and callused feet? The CFPM has developed three exclusive new foot care products to aid you with this problem. The exclusive new products include a skin softening foot spritz, an enzyme foot cream and a skin softening foot cream. [Read more]

When Should Running Shoes be Replaced
Your kicks will cushion for only about 200 miles, says Lance D. Barry, D.P.M., a Georgia podiatrist who has completed 21 marathons. "After 200 miles, the midsole has lost enough impact cushioning to make you more prone to heel pain and carpal tunnel-like symptoms." [Read more]

Foot Health Tips
Do not use salicylic acid on cracked heels. Heal the cracks first, then present calluses with a salicylic-infused cream. ... [Read more]

Keep On Running with Wearable Tech
Of all items of clothing, the shoe presents a logical choice for wearable technology. According to experts, unlike articles of clothing that must be washed or cleaned, shoes ... [Read more]

Origins of Foot Washing and Foot Kissing
What may surprise you dear reader is Christians protected their feet by the patronage of the holy. Two Saints championed the legs and feet, St Peter ... [Read more]

Pensioner Picks Toenail Dispute
A pensioner, Mr Bochel aged 82, claims he was advised to have his toenails removed rather than wait for a chiropody appointment. [Read more]

Toeing the Line for Cash
Two hundred women prance into the limelight for a shot at becoming foot model for... [Read more]

Clinic Save Diabetics' Feet
A clinic in New Delhi is offering hope to the thousands of people in India who would otherwise need to have a foot amputated.[Read more]

When the Shoes Don't Fit
As many as 10% of high-school girls now wear shoes bigger than size 10, according to...[Read more]

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