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CFPM Logo Use Policy

CFPM Members are encouraged to use the CFPM logo on their websites, brochures and elsewhere to indicate membership with the Canadian Federation of Podiatric Medicine as long as they comply with usage guidelines and are current CFPM members.

In general, we want the logo to be used as widely as possible to promote the Canadian Federation of Podiatric Medicine. Derivative versions of the CFPM logo are generally prohibited, as they dilute the CFPM'us brand identity. 

Use of the CFPM logo by a CFPM committee or board member in conjunction with committee or board activities requires prior approval by the CFPM Executive Director and/or CFPM Board for approval.

Use of the CFPM logo, other than to represent membership, requires written consent and approval and must comply with the usage guidelines. 

The CFPM logo must be obtain from the CFPM directly, to insure accuracy and appropriate resolution. The CFPM logo is available in several formats.

Logo Colour: The logo may appear in only three colour choices - black, white or red. Do not use any other colours in presenting the logo or alter these colour selections in any way.

Logo Size: The logo must always be displayed at a size large enough to read the logo type. This will vary based on the resolution of the medium it is being used in - but as a general rule the logo should be no smaller than 2.5 cm (1”) in height.

Discontinued Use: Use of the CFPM logo is prohibited to indicate membership by non members. If the practitioner is no longer a CFPM member, it is mandatory that the CFPM logo is removed from their website and/or written materials.

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